Situation tensed in ulhasnagar after 25 more patients were found corona positive

Ulhasnagar, Krishna Lalwani :  Situation is getting worse in ulhasnagar as the total count of corona positive patients in ulhasnagar rises to 191 on sunday. Out of the new 25 corona patients 17 are male while 8 are female patients . According to the press note released by umc 13 patients are found from the hotspot samrat ashok nagar , 5 from ambedkar nagar in ulhasnagar 3 , 2 from sant gyaneshwar nagar in ulhasnagar 2 and 1 each from Kurla camp , Maratha section , C.block , Ulhasnagar station road and Shahstri nagar . The death toll from corona virus has now raised to 6. While 61 patients have recovered from the virus and have been sent home. Thus the active patients who are been treated remains 124.

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