Happiness Hour Organised by Rotaract Club of K.C. College


Happiness Hour Organised by Rotaract Club of K.C. College

Mumbai, Press Release : "Happiness Hour" is a project conducted by The Rotaract Club of K.C. College every year. The concept of "Happiness Hour" is to celebrate World Orphan's Day by having Rotaractors from all over the world spend time in orphanages. This project has also been recognized by Rotary International. Our enthusiastic set of collaborating clubs hold different kinds of workshops for the kids, give donations, have art sessions and conduct many more activities with them. The idea is to provide each child the joy of celebrating World Orphan's Day and give them a bunch of unforgettable memories. RCKC reaches out to Rotaract and Interact Clubs from all over the globe. Last year we had over 200+ Clubs who took active part in this project and this year, we're just soaring higher. 

Even with the global pandemic this year, we're making sure of taking all kinds of precautions and going digital. We have over 380+ clubs from 100 different districts from all over the world. Covid-19 hasn't shaken our spirit one bit and our motto of spreading a smile on each child's face is just getting stronger. Happiness Hour happens every year with the aim of spending an hour of happiness with the orphans on the day of World Orphans Day. This year that day came on 13th November and hence the Team donated story books, notebooks and pens for the orphans.

By Rotaract Club of K.C. College


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