Tragic death of business couple within 24 hours due to breathing problems

The place where the clarinet  of marraige was going to be played , had now became silent

Ulhasnagar (Krishna Lalwani). Many People have lost there life in Ulhasnagar during the Corona Crisis . In this period another heartbreaking news has came out which is of a business couple of ulhasnagar. The house where the wedding clarinet was going to be played after three months, now their is complete silence in that house. Family, relatives and friends of the said business couple are in deep sorrow. According to the information received, 50-year-old Kamal D. Bhojwani who was very cheerful in nature, and his wife Ritika Bhojwani died tragically within 24 hours after having trouble in breathing. Dhiren Bhojwani, the nephew of the deceased Kamal told that on the morning of August 13, his uncle Kamal felt some trouble in breathing after which he was immediately taken to Shivneri Hospital where the doctor predicting the symptoms of covid  advised him to get admitted to Covid Hospital which is in Camp 4 . After which we got him admitted to Covid Hospital from where we took him to Kalyan Hospital where during his treatment he died on August 14. At such time when we were unable to  recover from this sad moment , we got the news that his wife Ritika (aunt) is also having trouble in breathing at 12 of the night on August 14. The moment we got the news ,till we take her to the hospital she died on the way. There is a possibility that she had a heart attack. The nephew of the deceased Kamal also told that he (Kamal) has a boy and a girl. The girl is married and the boy was to be married in November. His uncle used to work in auto mobile parts.

However, this crisis of Corona has given many people the pain of losing their loved ones, that pain will probably haunt them for years.


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