Now the land mafia's have laid there eyes on the Lands Of Education. Plans To Grab Municipal Corporation's Property

• Shiv Sena has failed the mafia's motive to grab the school

• Questions are arising regularly on the illegal possession of  school land

• Dozens Of Toilets and plots have been  already occupied illegaly

• High demand for high level investigation

Ulhasnagar. It's so ironic that in Ulhasnagar, the land mafias have already set their eyes on the shrines of education, after illegaly occupying various public toilets and government plots. The Shiv Sena has given a befitting reply to a land mafia trying such an evil act. What happened is on Saturday on the social media, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Manoj Shelar exposed the case of grabbing a school named Rani Laxmi Bai, which is school number 3 of Ulhasnagar Municipal corporation , in panel 6, near Camp 1, Bewas Chowk. After the video of lifting the  goods from the said school went viral, this matter started reaching everyone's ears. When the above information about this was received by Shiv Sena's city chief Rajendra Chaudhary, he reached the spot on Sunday afternoon. There, he  got into an argument with the land mafia Dinesh Tolani, after which Shiv Sainiks had a fight with Dinesh Tolani and Tolani ran away from there. But Tolani, showing his freshness on Sunday evening, got a shutter installed in the late evening. After this, in the evening, this matter got heated again and Shiv Sainiks gathered at the Ulhasnagar police station at around eight o'clock after which the police and the municipal administration came under pressure. Following that the municipal's officer broke the lock and opened the shutter at about quarter to nine in the presence of the police . Later the news came that the local angry people cut the shutter in pieces and took it with them.

It is being told that the land mafia Dinesh Tolani had conspired to grab this school on the basis of fake documents. But at present, Shiv Sena and MNS have uncovered a conspiracy to grab the school land. At the same time, questions are being raised on how Tolani got the name (CD) of this old school land.

- To Save school ground now the leader's are on the field

NCP and BJP have also come into the frame after MNS and Shiv Sena to stop the government school from being grabbed. At Sunday night, the state secretary of NCP and the party's group leader in Corporation Bharat Rajwani (Gangotri) gave a statement on social media that NCP will not allow this government school to be grabbed at any cost. In this context, the party will give a letter to the Municipal Commissioner and demand his attention. At the same time, senior BJP leader Prakash Makhija also made a statement on social media that this illegal work being done in his panel 6 will not be allowed to happen and he said to give a letter in this context to Municipal Commissioner Dr. Raja Dayanidhi.

Now everyone's eye is on Municipal administration

After the conspiracy to grab Municipal's school, all eyes are now on the Municipal administration. Common people and leaders are curious about what action will be taken by municipal commissioner Dr. Raja Dayanidhi  on this burning issue. On the other hand, Public Relations Officer of Municipality , Dr. Yuvraj Bhadane has made it clear in the conversation with journalists that the school which has been so much disputed about but it will always remain Municipality's Property .He further added that I have made the commissioner aware of everything, also instructions have been given to the Division Officer that action should be taken immediately.

- High demand for high level investigation

Incidents of grabbing government land, passages and toilets have taken place in Ulhasnagar over the years. Now there is a lot of resentment among the people that the conspiracy has been hatched to grab the land of education. People who are aware of this say that now is the time when the administration should take strict action against those who grabbed the plots and if there is a high-level investigation in these cases, many land mafias will be exposed.  The thing to see now is whether the administration will be able to get back its lost land or not? And can the lands that are left can be protected or not?

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