34 new Corona Patients were found in Ulhasnagar on Wednesday , recovery rate remains 93.58 percent

Total Figure of patients stands at 7467 

No. of Patients Recovered From Virus  till now is 6988 , while active patients in the town stands at 283

Ulhasnagar (Krishna Lalwani) . Due to all the measures being taken by Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation to control the corona epidemic, the outbreak of corona in Ulhasnagar is decreasing . However, fluctuations in statistics are being seen every day. While the recovery rate from better medical facilities is also satisfying. But the sad part is that the number of deceased patients is also increasing everyday. According to the press release issued by the Information and Public relations department of Municipal Corporation, during the last 24 hours 34 new patients have been found in ulhasnagar which is greater than tuesday's figure of 24 new cases . After the death of 6 more patients during the last 24 hours, the total number of patients who have lost their life due to the virus stands at 196 . Thus, a total of 7467 people have been infected with Corona so far in Ulhasnagar.In the last 24 hours, 32 patients were dicharged after recovering from the virus . The total number of corona patients who have been discharged has reached 6988.Thus, the recovery rate is 93.58 percent in Ulhasnagar . Treatment of 283 active patients is going on in various hospitals. The details of the 34 new patients found on Wednesday are as follows -  5 patients from Camp 1 , 3 patients from Camp 2 , 5 patients  from Camp 3 , 11 patients from Camp 4 and 10 patients from Camp 5.


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